Michael O’Donoghue, Director Of Operations, CMIC CMO USA CORPORATION (CCU)

CMIC CMO USA Corporation (CCU) has been located in the Cedar Brook Corporate Park for almost a decade. When the site was acquired by CMIC Co., Ltd from Freund-Vector, location was of critical importance since we were their only contract development/manufacturing facility in the USA. Cedar Brook is in an excellent location: accessible by several major New Jersey roads and highways and midway between two major metropolitan areas (NY and Philadelphia). It is also located near historic Princeton and Princeton University. Since we are a full service contract oral solid dosage pharmaceutical manufacturing and development organization, the proximity to other pharmaceutical/biotech companies in the area has provided us the opportunity to grow our business and continue to attract new partners. The charming, park-like setting is welcoming and inviting and the grounds are beautifully maintained. Over the years that our company has resided at 3 Cedar Brook Drive, a solid relationship has been forged with Eastern Properties.Bruce and his team have been very supportive and responsive as we continue to expand our facility.

Frank DeMarinis, Sr. Director R & D Engineering, Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma’s R&D laboratories have been based in Cedar Brook for nearly 15 years. We chose the campus for it’s beautiful setting, it’s ready access to major roadways and to gain access to an extensive pharmaceutical labor market. The Eastern Properties Team worked hard and creatively to help us establish a preliminary presence on campus while our long term R&D home was designed and constructed. Over the years Eastern Properties has proven to be a fair and responsive partner helping us to resolve problems and adapt our occupancy to ever changing business needs. Our work on campus has been very productive. We value our partnership and friendship with the Eastern Property team that help make this possible.

Pankaj Mohan, Ph. D. Founder And CEO, Oncobiologics

After working in Big Pharma for many years, I decided to begin my own business venture and conducted a thorough search for a location throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I chose Cedar Brook Corporate Center because of its park-like environment, excellent location and proximity to major highways. Due to New Jersey’s pool of a talented work force it has also been an excellent location to attract new employees. Visitors are very impressed with the quality of our laboratories and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We were very pleased with the speed of the construction and felt the pricing was fair. Since becoming a tenant at Cedar Brook I have received funding from major investors. Networking within the park has also been helpful. Due to the growth of our company, we have been expanding consistently within the park because we like Cedar Brook as a home for our business.

John Giampolo, CEO Of IPA/HGP

Independent Pharmacy Alliance/Health Care Group Purchasing has been a tenant at Cedar Brook Corporate Center since May 1994. During our time here, we have occupied three office spaces within the complex. We choose this location, and continue to maintain our corporate offices here, due to its central location, convenient access to major roadways (Rt. 130, NJ Turnpike, Rt. 1) and its proximity to many locations throughout NJ (i.e., Newark Airport). We have many vendor meetings and these conveniences make it easy for all involved. The grounds are kept very attractive with well-maintained trees, lawns, lakes and fountains and the Building & Grounds staff has always been helpful when there is any issue involving the office maintenance or repair. Also, Bruce Simon, the property manager, is very accommodating and easy to work with. As the CEO of our company, I highly recommend considering tenancy at Cedar Brook Corporate Center.

David Polinsky- Vice President And General Counsel of Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals

Cedar Brook is conveniently located in the biotech hub and suits us perfectly with first class lab and office space and modern buildings all surrounded in a beautiful and serene setting. The park is the perfect spot for any pharmaceutical and biotech company as well as any business seeking class A space. Being in the park established instant credibility for Cornerstone as a leading biotech. Another benefit of our location in the heart of the biotech hub is that we are surrounded by talent and this has enabled us to hire a first class research and development team. All our experiences at Cedar Brook are completely positive and we strongly recommend Cedar Brook to anyone considering a place for their growing business.

Joe Zhu, Vice President, Business Development Of YoungTech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Eastern properties has, over the years, demonstrated with consistency: superior and current expertise in commercial management, impeccable record keeping, timely reports and notifications, regular onsite inspections, clear, businesslike and timely communication skills, taking the time to discuss important matters when necessary, and the benefit of solid professional recommendations.

Overall, they have added value to our investment. They are honest, ethical, and quite frankly, a joy to work with. My experience with Eastern Properties has been nothing short of outstanding. Especially Bruce Simon, and Bob Acosta are hard-working and have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient. They make working with them very easy and enjoyable.

Alero Health

We looked around at many different locations in New Jersey, as the state has many pharma hubs. But for us, it really came down to the landlord and the staff. We wanted to be able to grow in an environment that naturally breeds itself for success, and that’s just what we found at Cedar Brook. This was a decision we did not need to lament over, and one we haven’t regretted. We chose Cedar Brook because it is a clean, pristine, and an organized park. The property management staff is very attentive, and knows how to get_ you to the finish line. Cedar Brook’s operating philosophy truly led us to believe that they are a partner that will look to help cultivate our business growth, and have always been there by our side.

Ann Prewett, CEO, Replication Medical, Inc.

We initially chose Cedar Brook for the location and quality of the setting. The property is located conveniently to both Newark and Philadelphia airports with Princeton University also nearby. The grounds and property are well-maintained and the buildings are in excellent condition both inside and outside. Board members and potential investors were both impressed by the setting and by type of companies that Cedar Brook managed to attract.

We entered the space as a pure R&D company and have since transitioned to launching our products internationally and engaging primarily in marketing and sales.